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You can get to Casa Kiwi very easily; no matter how you look at the map or eventually arrive in Trujillo. 

Once you get to Trujillo:

    If you're coming to Trujillo by bus, get off at the bus station next to Texaco and either wait for the bus for 'Puerto Castilla' or take a taxi. The last bus leaves town at approximately 6pm. The bus you need to catch will come from your left or along the same side of the road as the bus station.  Just tell the driver you're going to Casa Kiwi and he will drop you at the entrance where it's a short walk down to the restaurant.  You can also take a taxi, they all know where Casa Kiwi is. Taxis 'should' charge you Lps.50 if there are others in the car going to Castilla, otherwise Lps.100.  The town center is approximately 400m from the bus station in the opposite direction. There are reasonably frequent 'Urbano' buses running past the bus station to and from town, although they do not come to Casa Kiwi.  There are direct buses between La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.  Smaller, slooooower 'chicken' buses run between Tocoa, Limon, La Ceiba and  Sava to mention a few. If you have a cellphone you can also call us when you reach Corocito and tell the bus driver to let you off at the Trujillo 'triangulo', for Casa Kiwi. (Not at Corocito, approx. 15mins later). We can pick you up there instead of you having to go into town and back track.

***Check below for important information regarding taking buses from La Ceiba.

By car, it's even easier.  No matter where you are coming from, you need to use the road  from Tocoa and you will come to the 'Triangulo' or Trujillo turnoff.  Instead of turning left towards Trujillo, continue on the road to Puerto Castilla. We are exactly the same distance  from the Triangulo as Trujillo. You immediately cross the bridge over the Lagoon entrance and drive for 5 km, where you will see the sign for Casa Kiwi. Turn left into the entranceway and drive towards the beach until you get to the restaurant and bar. Half way between La Ceiba and Trujillo you will come to Saba / Sava - be sure to follow the road heading for Tocoa and not Olancho.


There are no scheduled flights coming into Trujillo these days . It is also possible to get charter flights from San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba. Check with Taca Airlines.  If you let us know you are coming, we can pick you up at the airport or you can take a taxi or catch the bus from the main road - a two minute walk from the landing area.

If you're lucky enough to be on a private boat, Trujillo has a great protected bay in which to anchor.  As Casa Kiwi is right on the beach, we welcome you to stop in front and enjoy our facilities while still being close by. Be sure to anchor in front of Casa Kiwi, as this is the safest part of the bay. Trujillo has the deepest water Port in Central America at Puerto Castilla.  Occasionally, you can catch a ride on one of the freighters running in the Caribbean. If you are coming from the Port, there is only one road out and after approximately 6 km you will see the Casa Kiwi sign.  Take the entrance on your right. The 'Dole' trucks often pick up people.  Although not common these days, sometimes it's possible to get a ride on one of the supply boats for the islands or Mosquitia.

Getting To Trujillo from San Pedro Sula / La Ceiba / Bay Islands:  

All the airports have rental car agencies.  With some companies, if you pick up a car from San Pedro Sula, you can drop off the vehicle in La Ceiba. If you fly into San Pedro Sula and decide to take the direct bus to Trujillo, you must first take a taxi from the airport to the 'Terminal de Autobus.'  (You could also wait for the bus on the main road from the airport to El Progresso, but you may have to stand on the bus.) First bus from San Pedro Sula leaves at 04:45am, (Cotuc) and last bus (Contraibal) leaves at 3pm.

Important Information!! When Coming from La Ceiba it is essentially the same process, although you want to be sure you are taken to the 'Cotuc' Terminal for the direct buses. !!Beware!! The taxi drivers in La Ceiba are notorious for taking you to the La Ceiba Bus Station and telling you this is the place for the direct bus. Tell them to turn around and take you to the Cotuc or Contraibal office for the San Pedro Sula - Trujillo buses (they are side-by-side) on the main SPS road. The direct buses are western style coaches; not the old USA school buses. The only truly direct bus that runs just between La Ceiba and Trujillo is the 'Arianita' company. (from the same stop as Cotuc). You will be able to get to Trujillo no problem from the regular bus station, but it will be on the much slower and uncomfortable 'chicken buses'... instead of three relatively comfortable hours, imagine six tortuous hours!  Occasionally, the bus driver decides not to go all the way to Trujillo and will lovingly dump you in Tocoa to jump on another bus to continue to Trujillo (you don't have to pay again).

From the Bay Islands you can either take the taxi into La Ceiba and to the bus stop as described above or you can get the taxi to take you directly to the main Trujillo road on the outskirts of La Ceiba.  Coming from the dock, taxis / traffic turns right towards La Ceiba center, but if you keep going straight for another kilometer or two you will come to a 'T' junction with a Copena gas station.  Cross the road and wait in the bus shelter for the Trujillo bus to come along.

Flying to Honduras from Somewhere Else:

Honduras is relatively easy to get to from just about anywhere.  If you are planning to come directly to Trujillo from the airport, the quickest route to take is for your final destination to be La Ceiba.  If you're extremely lucky, you may even be able to take the onward leg to Trujillo the same day. Other than direct flights to La Ceiba, your entry into Honduras would most likely be either San Pedro Sula or possibly the capital, Tegucigalpa. San Pedro Sula is the major airport closest to Trujillo and has connections to La Ceiba on smaller planes. More international flights now have La Ceiba as their final destination, bargains can often be had from Canada or check out spirit air. You could also try getting on one of the charter flights from Italy to Roatan and from Roatan it is a short flight or ferry ride to La Ceiba and on to Trujillo.

The most common air route from anywhere in the world is via the United States or El Salvador

FROM THE USA:  The most frequent flights are to/from Houston and Miami to San Pedro Sula, but by no means the only.  There are also regular direct flights to San Pedro Sula from Newark and New Orleans and connections through most US cities. Traveling from New Zealand, etc., most flights come via Los Angeles.

FROM CENTRAL AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN:  There are direct flights between San Pedro Sula and Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Costa Rica and, off and on, Cuba.